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ME and step dad

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Jessie and her step dad

Finally time for bed. Was all I could even think. After a long day of volleyball tournaments I was more than exhausted. My dark brown hair has been pulled up in a high pony tail all day. When I finally took it down my scalp ached from the release of my hair. I was still sweaty and needing a shower before bed. Luckily, mom is out of town so there will be little talking with just my step dad here. As soon as I shower and eat I’ll be able to get some rest.

I stripped off my clothes and jumped into the shower. The water is steaming hot. Suddenly I find myself curious. At only fifteen I am still a virgin, and have had very little sexual experience. My first real boyfriend and I did little more than make out. He felt up my breasts, but that’s about it. We were together four months, and we’ve been broken up for about six. My breasts were nothing then like they are now. Now they are a full C-cup and my nipples are slightly darker now then they were then. A beautiful light brown. I sit here waiting while the conditioner does it’s job, and decide to wonder between my legs. I’m the only one to touch myself down there. No man ever has.

I close my eyes and think about this guy from school. Mike. He is so gorgeous and I pretend he is caressing my breasts and slowly moving his hand down my stomach to my pussy. Soon I’m getting wet. I can feel my pulse quicken. I play with my clit for a few minutes. My breathing is quickening. Even though I’m in the shower I feel as if I’m sweating more than I was at volleyball. All 5’8 of me is weak in the knees. Pleading for my fingers to enter. Slowly I start to ease my index finger in…

“Jessie are you okay in there” Oh my gosh Curt my step dad is hollering at me!!

“Um yes, I’m fine. I’ll be out in just a minute!” I cannot believe this just happened. How embarrassing!

“OK, I just heard you making some noises, wanted to make sure no one else was up here.”

Now that is a weird thing for him to say. “No I’m fine. Give me another quick second.” Curt just caught me masturbating. How humiliating. How am I going to face him.

I hurry up and finish in the shower. Skipping the longing to finish what I started. My pussy was aching still. With a need to slide something or someone deep inside me.

All I want to do is throw on something and run down stairs for a quick bite and back up here and jump into bed. All feelings of exhaustion are gone now. Now the only thing I feel is my body asking for more.

I throw on some boy shorts and my pink tank and go downstairs. Curt is sitting with his boxers and t-shirt on enjoying some television when I catch his eye.

“Nice for you to join me. You OK Looking kind of flushed”

“Like I said before I’m fine. What’s for dinner” I ask. After saying this I noticed just how hot my step dad is. At 45 he’s still a looker. Gained a little of a belly but still in good shape, and a great head of hair. Plus a nice tan from playing on a baseball league.

“Did you hear me” Curt says suddenly jolting me out of my trance.

“Um, what… no” Not so smooth on the reply.

“I said whatever you’d like you can have. Help yourself to me or whatever. You really played well today, and looking the way you do you can probably go pro.” The smile he said this with got me wet. I wasn’t expecting the pain in my pussy to scream with even more force as I realized he complimented my looks.

“I’ll just make a quick sandwich and head back upstairs to bed. I’m so tired.” Then after saying this I realized what he had just said. That I can help myself to him. My super sexy step father, who secretly I have fantasized about once or twice. I always played my fantasies off to be because I had not experience with men and he was just a guy that was always around. After giving him another look I realize maybe I fantasize because I want him not as a father figure but as a woman wants a man.

What the hell am I thinking! I start chanting to myself as I rummage through the refrigerator grabbing things for dinner. Step-dad, this is so… wrong. You don’t want your step dad! My inner mumblings were cut off when I heard moaning coming from the television.

“What was that What are you watching over there I caught a glimpse of the television right after saying this. I saw a woman and a man naked kissing each other in a way that I wished I could be touched. I think my jaw hit the floor. I believe I had it shut before Curt saw me.

“Well just some soft core movie I found on TV. Would you like to come watch it with me. It think you should. Probably something a girl your age should pay attention to. Teach you some things so you don’t need to ask as many questions.”

Instantly I felt blood rush into my cheeks. My face would be as red as a tomato if I wasn’t so tan this summer. “I have to make dinner.” Was all I could manage to say. As I sit here eating my sandwich listening to what was happening right next to me, every bite got harder to chew and swallow. I wanted nothing more to run over there and watch this. Finally, after finishing dinner, I decided to make my move.

“So you think I should watch this huh Is it ok if we watch it together” Even though I managed to get the words out without my voice breaking I knew he saw the fear behind the words. Hopefully he sees the anticipation as well.

“Only if you come sit next to me.” He says after patting the seat next to him. I walk slowly to the couch. I’m so wet by now that I fear Curt can actually see the dampness through my boy shorts. I have always walked around in boy short underwear. Never before having a reason to be ashamed or nervous about it. Now I realize the only thing between us is his boxers and my boy shorts. This thought made me even more excited to sit next to him, and my shorts feel even wetter.

“You see what he’s doing to her His face is buried in her legs. Well this is called oral sex. Every man and woman should know how to perform this on their partner. Unfortunately this is cable so they wont show you what you need to learn. I’ll be right back.”

As soon as Curt stepped away I felt the urge to chase after him. He was so close yet so far, and I don’t think he has any idea how I’m feeling right now. I sit here and torment myself with inner babblings when finally he returns with a dvd.

“Now this will teach you what you should know. Just don’t tell your mother I have these. Kind of against house rules.” Once again his smile did a number on me.

“Yea, I don’t think I’ll be mentioning this to her any time soon.”

Finally Curt was sitting next to me. “Now Jessie, I’m only showing you this because you’re so beautiful, and a beautiful woman should know how to please her man. At fifteen you want to learn how to please even the most experienced man. Consider myself. At 45, I’ve been married twice. If I met you on the street one day, I wouldn’t be able to stop running our meeting through my mind. All I would think about would be the things we could do together. So I want to make sure you know how to please the right man one day.”

He said a lot, but all I heard was “we could do together”.

“Oh, well I want to please my man one day.” I had to cross my legs after saying this. All this talking about pleasing had me at a brink I’ve never experienced. Words alone could bring me to the most satisfying moment of my life. I’ve never experienced an orgasm. But the need I felt to shove my fingers in my pussy right now was so great, that I almost excused myself and went to bed.

“Ok, then lets watch.” Curt said with yet another seductive smile.

After just a few seconds a man and woman were both naked. Soon the woman was giving him a blow job. I’ve never seen one, but heard about these at school. The woman looked like she was enjoying giving this to him. He was definitely enjoying it as well. I was almost to scared to look at Curt so out of the corner of my eye I gave him a glance. OH MY GOD! He has a boner, and it’s huge! And I can see it through the pee hole in his boxers. Without even thinking my hand slid onto my pussy, and I caught myself giving it a rub. How I wanted to put my mouth on Curt at this moment. I had to use everything I had to stop myself.

“Pretty hot isn’t it. Sorry I should of thrown jeans on. I see you’re enjoying as well.”

My hand was once again between my legs. I was so damp and the pain of needing someone increased to the point of no more control.

“Yea, I’ve never seen anything like this.” My face flushed yet again.

“Can I show you something. I see you’re into the movie, how would you feel about looking at a penis in real life. I can’t help but be hard. Watching this and looking at you. Nothing could make me harder. I tried to keep it down, but since you know it’s here why not take a peek.”

“OK.” The word escaped my mouth before I could stop it. Much to quick of a response and he noticed. Instead of just slipping his penis through the hole, he slid his boxers down and kicked the reclining seat on the couch back. Then he laid the back down and soon he was laying there with nothing on but his t-shirt. His dick was huge. And as hard as a rock. I kept starring and my hand went back between my legs. “Can I touch it” Once again I spoke without thinking.

“Of course. You have to learn about this some how. Give me your hand.” Curt grabbed my hand and guided it slowly to the tip of his penis. Then he slowly slid my hand down until I reached the balls. Then he cupped my hand around his balls, and told me to take a closer look.

“Taste it.” He said.

“What” My voice is practically a moan now. Holding nothing back I did as he asked. I stuck my tongue out and guided it from his balls up to the tip of his cock. Just like the girl did in the movie.

“So how does it taste”

“Amazing, can I have more”

“Sure. This time put your mouth on it and move up and down like in the movie.”

I find myself eagerly taking his cock into my mouth. The explosion of wetness between my thighs was extreme. I’ve never felt like this, and the feeling was intensifying with every bob of my head. Suddenly he pulls me away and off of him.

“Now I’m ready to see you, and teach you how a man should touch you.”

“OK.” Once again my speak was so weak and needful.

“Stand up and get in front of me.” Curt sat the recliner back into seat position and sat up. Waiting for me to walk in front of him. I did as told. “Now take off your tank.” I did as told yet again. “Now slide your bottoms off and stand in front of my face.”

As I pulled my shorts down I noticed a huge wet spot in them. The instance my shorts weren’t there to collect the moisture I could feel the juices gathering between my thighs.

“Now this is an eager woman. Already your steps above all the rest.” Curt said.

Then slowly he grabbed my legs and spread them apart from one another. I was standing there naked and completely exposed. The little hair on my pussy was all that hid me from him.

His tongue touched my right knee, then slowly raised up the inside of my thigh. Just before reaching my pussy he stopped, then took his tongue to my left knee and slid his tongue up my left inner thigh. This time he did not lift his tongue off my body. Instead his tongue moves to the front of my thigh, and up towards my belly button. Then up my stomach and onto my left breast.

I’ve never felt a tongue on my body before. So warm and moist. His tongue traces both my left and right nipple, and soon I’m grabbing his hair. Pulling him into me with force and need.

“What are you needy for” What did he just say Breaking me from my trance. I realize what he has asked me.

“You, I am ready for you and all you want to give me.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.” Now his mouth reaches onto my neck, and kisses and licks up to my earlobe. Goosebumps rise across my body, and I find myself searching for his mouth. I kiss him, and kiss his neck. I kiss his nipples, and stomach. Then his hands find my still damp hair, and he pulls me back up and I look at him.

“I haven’t kissed the most important thing of all.”

“His tongue hits me like a shockwave. First licking the outside of my pussy lips, then slowly running his tongue inside. On and around my clit. The urge I felt between my legs was now painful, and I wanted to force his tongue inside me. Just then I felt it.

His tongue slid into me, in and out. Licking and sucking everywhere. I never felt so much pleasure. Then it stops.

He pulls away yet again, and this time I cannot take it. I push him back and lick him. Lick his balls, and his cock. I again shove his massive hard dick into my mouth and bob up and town. Hearing him moan only makes me wetter. My pussy is aching again. Needing more than ever someone inside it.

First the pain hits me. The pain quickly turns to moans and pleasure when I realize he has shoved his two fingers inside. He’s moving them in and out, and the pain is intense, but nothing like the pleasure superseding it.

“How do you feel” He manages to say. “You’re so amazing. I’ve dreamt of this since I met you when you were thirteen, and now it’s coming true.

“Me too.”

I grab his fingers and shove them back towards my pussy. His mouth opens and he takes me back in. Kissing me and rubbing between my legs. “Do you really want to become mine tonight I can take something of yours, and it will make you mine.”

Instantly I wanted this. I knew he was talking about my virginity, and I wanted him to have it. I wanted his cock up inside me. I wanted him to always have this piece of me.

“Come here.” He pulls his fingers away and stands up. Lets go up to your room for this.

I follow like a lapdog. Needing him more and more, wanting him inside me more with every step towards my bedroom.

“I’ve always wanted to come in here, and touch. Every night I dream of this, and now it’s happening.” His words catch me off guard. I’ve thought of him, but the fact he wants me just as much aches me more.

“Lie down.”

I do as told. He climbs on top of me. “This is going to hurt, but soon that pain will be replaced by pleasure.” His lips met my large breasts again, and then I felt the tip of his cock rubbing in between my legs. For a minute he rubs the tip back and forth, both of us breathing harder each time. Then I feel it. At first there is no pain. Only satisfaction of the need being fulfilled with him. Then the pain hits and I bite his neck to gain relief.

Curt’s breathing quickens and he bites me back. Soon the pleasure takes over. No more pain. We take each other with our mouths on each kissing and licking every part exposed.

“You on the pill”

“Yea, I am” I reply.

“Good. I’m staying in you until I’m through.” He continues to pump, and my pussy is still wet. Loving each and every stroke from his penis. A feeling I’ve never experienced comes over me. Getting closer and closer within reach. I hold my breath, and suddenly my explosion happens. I have what can only be called an orgasm. The intense pleasure knocks my head back, and I grab his hips.

“Stop”. I needed him to quit so I could regain my control.

He pauses and sees what has just happened. “I got you off. You lose your virginity and have an orgasm. You’re one amazing girl.”

After waiting only a second he pulls his cock out. I want more. “Put it back in!” I plead.

“I am.” He penetrates me with force. And shoves in and out, in and out. The pleasure/pain is intoxicating. Then he grabs my shoulders and pulls himself into me deeper.

“Change of plans.” He says. “I want to end like this instead.” He pulls himself out and off of me grabs the back of my head, and shoves it on his cock. Then begins to make me give him a blow job. Only seconds pass until there is a huge explosion inside my mouth. My first instinct was to pull away, but then the goodness took over as I realized what was happening. He was cumming and I couldn’t want anything more. I shoved my face harder onto him, and swallowed every last drip.

As I pulled away a little rested on the tip of his cock. I licked it off, then laid down. He laid beside me stroking my hair, and rubbing my breasts. “Goodnight until tomorrow morning when we do this again.” He said.

Accepting him as master

I woke up and suddenly remembered it was the day of my 18th birthday, unlike a lot of people I didn’t want a big thing made of it, Just a nice meal with some close family and friends then possibly a few drinks after however that’s not what everyone else had planned for me, I would love to say I’m surprised but I’m not. My friends have always been the partying type, love going out clubbing and hooking up with random men, fuck them, then the following morning completely regretting it. I only ever did that the once and felt so ashamed that I lost my virginity to someone I barely new. I was more of the kind of girl that took a step back from everything, I mean yes I liked to go out and yes I loved to have the odd drink but not to the point where I completely lose control and start acting like a total whore with every guy that just so much as looks at me. I was also very quiet person felt quite shy around some people. As far as boyfriends go I had no interest in them at the moment, my plan was to finish my education then possibly start looking, besides the guys I knew just always seemed to be immature and irresponsible and I had my little friend which I kept under the bed who always seemed to help me out.

So I got up and went straight in to the shower knowing I had to be quick because in an hour I was meeting a friend. I started to wash my long blonde hair, as I left the conditioner I washed my body starting with my 34 D breasts just rubbing them and tweaking my nipples which at this point seemed to be very hard, I could feel myself getting wet, I slowly started to glide my hand down my stomach and onto my pussy where I rubbed the outer lips for a few seconds. It was just then that I realised I had no time to be messing around I had to be quick, so, I washed the soap off my body and rinsed the conditioner out of my hair hurrying so I wouldn’t miss the bus and be late.

After I finished meeting up with my friend I had to go back to get ready for tonight, I had been told that we were going to all go out to the normal rock and heavy metal club we normally go to. I got dressed in a black mini skirt, ripped fishnet tights (or as the Americans say pantyhose) a black lace up corset, high heels and of course my little black thong. I was looking forward to it but it was just going to be like any other clubbing night…or was it

As we entered the club it was rather full, lots of people on the dance floor, and some sort of Goth/industrial music was playing. It was then I noticed a man at the bar. He had long black hair, tall, a very pale but strong looking face, it was also very obvious that he was muscular. He wore mostly leather apart from his top. His shoes were leather, his trousers (pants) were leather and his coat was leather. I just stood there staring at him; I didn’t know why I just couldn’t help myself. He then saw me staring at him but I quickly looked away feeling embarrassed. A few hours had passed and I was having a lot of fun but I still noticed the man at the bar, it seemed like he hadn’t moved all night and I know he kept on looking at me every now and then. In some ways the way he looked at me made feel scared yet in other ways it made me feel excited.

About 3 hours had passed and decided to step outside for a bit and go for a cigarette (considering the ban on smoking inside public places is now illegal) I didn’t bother telling my friends because I know they would follow me and lecture me how I need to hook up with someone. As I stepped outside there were many people there so I went around the corner just for some peace and quiet. I tried to light my cigarette but realised that my lighter wasn’t working so I was going to have to go and ask someone if I could borrow there’s until the man that made my heart race stepped in and offered me a light. At this point I felt very awkward, I didn’t know what say, how to act so I just kept my mouth closed.

After a few minutes I finished my cigarette, said thank you I started to walk back until he said in a very deep dark voice “your very quite girl, aren’t you” I replied back “Yeah.”

“I Like that in a girl, a girl who knows her place who only speaks when spoken to by a man” he said.

I was shocked and outraged, I wasn’t like that I just didn’t go and throw myself at people. So I just started on walking until he grabbed my arm and pinned me against the wall asking “Where do you think your going I haven’t finished with you”

Before I had chance to reply he tilted my head to the side and started kissing my neck then started, with his hand, to rub the outside of my tights (pantyhose) and thong. I wanted to scream and run but I couldn’t, In fact I felt very turned on by what was happening.

Before he did anything else to me he told me to keep quite and go with him. He took me to his car and told me to get in. I got in, and he locked the doors. Then drove us to a very big house that was isolated. He took me inside the house and down to the basement where there was a room with a big 4 post bed, with black satin sheets and a stone cold floor. He told me to get on the bed then he removed all my clothes and tied my hands and feet to each post.

He began “Now we can either make this difficult or easy, it’s up to you. All you have to do is be a good little girl and obey my every command, you will only speak when spoken to, and when you do reply to me you will refer to me as master. Failure to do so will end up in a punishment. The sooner I have my way with you the sooner you’re free to leave. Understand”

I wanted to yell at him to let me free now and to let me go, after all he and I both know he has no right to do this, however what I didn’t know is why I wanted to stay right where I was, why I could feel my breast tingling or my pussy beginning to get wet again. His voice seemed so soft yet dark and cruel, it was so seductive, he knew he had me in is wicked cruel game, he knew I was weak towards him and he also knew that part of me craved for this.

I replied back “Yes I understand”

“Good girl, however your answer is not fully correct so before I proceed explaing to you what you will be required to do, you will receive your first punishment” he said to me his tone getting deeper.

“I, I, I don’t understand wha!”

“Silence! You did not reply back properly, you acknowledge me as master, you simply said ‘yes I understand’ which is not good enough. So for your first punishment you will receive 10 lashes across your body to learn that you will give me the respect by acknowledging me as your master.”

He then took out cane and I gasped, I was terrified. He turned me over and laid me on my stomach but making sure to tie me back to the bed posts.

He then shouted “ONE!”

Caning my legs, I screamed out in pain, it was horrible tears rolling down my face and I was shaking in fear


Right across my arse, again sending crippling pain threw my body, he carried on doing this across my back, my arms and the inside of my thighs until their was only one left and said “Does my naughty little girl think she’s learned her lesson” replying back in a tearful, shaky voice I said “I have Master it won’t happen again.”

Then as hard as he could he canned me across my arse.

“Good, I’m glad we have that sorted. Now, Know this you are my slave and you do everything I tell you to do, no matter how much dislike or hate the things I tell you to do you will do them. Now first of all I want an honest answer out of you, do you masturbate”

I quietly replied” I uh umm well yes Master.”

“Very well, I want you to show me how you masturbate and I want you to explain to me in detail what you are doing and why you are doing it and you must not cum, understand”

I wanted to argue so much, I mean how embarrassing for me to do that but then I remembered my 10 lashed and how I didn’t want that to happen again so I obeyed.

“Yes master”

“Very well, I will untie you, but try to escape an you will be in for a beating, mark my words”

So once he untied me I started to touch m breast, squeezing and pulling on my nipples and sliding my hand down to pussy, I could feel how wet I was, I was so turned on just as I was about to enter my pussy my master shouted at me,

“I thought I told you to tell me what you are doing”

“I am rubbing my left breast with my right hand and pinching my nipple, I am doing this to make them hard. My left hand is slowly stroking the outside of pussy and i'm shocked at how wet I am.”

By this time I felt so humiliated I was being forced to masturbate in front of a stranger as well as tell him what I was doing.

“It always feels so nice when I play with clit so I’m going to use my middle finger to rub it fast…ohhhhh it feels so good…..hmmmm oh I just love playing with my cunt I’m getting ready to slip 2 fingers inside of me…I’m doing it and it feels soooooo good uh uh, oh hmmmmmmm yes yes oh yes Master…”

He seemed to be pleased with my effort of explaining to him what I was doing but once I just carried on moaning he started to say cruel nasty things to me:

“Such a dirty filthy slapper, look at the little slut Masturbating, Playing with herself to get pleasure. You are nothing but a little whore, but you’re my whore my dirty naughty bad little whore who is learning how to behave for her master”

As he said these words it turned me on even more, I could feel my self building up towards an orgasm but then I remember I was told it was forbidden for me to cum. He then told me stop then said:

“Right my little whore on the cold stone floor, onto your knees.”

“Yes master”

As I got on my knees, he tied my hands together and then he took out his large cock.

“Surely you know what to do” he asked.

I did as I was told I sucked he’s cock getting as much as could in my mouth but it wasn’t enough, my master started to grab my hair and push my face further onto him and thrust his cock deeper into my mouth, I started to gag and I felt ill, once again I was crying and sobbing I could feel most of his cock inside of my mouth and all the time he was just saying things like “yeah that’s right take it like the whore you are. You’re nothing but a fuck machine to me”

He then pushed me down so I was lying on the ground, and started to fuck me really hard and fast. It felt as if he was tearing my pussy open, I couldn’t breathe but al the time there was a mix of pain and pleasure. He then ordered me to cum and I did. If felt as if an explosion had gone through my body, I shivered in pure ecstasy. Once he had finished he said “You have pleased me a lot tonight, and you now have a choice, you can either leave now and we will never see each other again, or, you can become my full time slave, letting me use and abuse you as much as I want but at the same time taking care of you and teaching you how to please me.”

I thought for a few minutes of what I just been through, all the pain and the suffering but some how I felt safe with this man, it was as if I had found my true place where I belonged, yes it was a risk. My head said leave and never come back but my body and my heart said stay.

“I am your slave master, and I will honour you the way a slave is meant to honour their master.”

“Very well, you will stay and obey all of my rules, but let me tell you this tonight I went easy on you because it was your birthday and your first time, however, tomorrow it’s down to some proper training slave.”

Hearing those words didn’t scare me, it made me curious as to what else my master had in store for me. He then put a collar around my neck and said

“This is yours, you also have a leash, you will wear the collar at all time understand”

“Yes master” I replied.

He then came over to me and lifted me to my feet, I was cold and naked and he then embraced me in his arms kissing my neck and whispering in my ear “I have been watching you the last few month. The way you act and present your self is everything I love. I will take care of you.

Then went out of the basement locking the door behind him leaving me unable to reply to his comments, I was just shocked and confused but very excited for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, this is my very first story so please don’t be too harsh although I will take all advice and criticism

he knocked up his daughter

Last update: 04/11/2009 Submitted by Bram Speer

Jeremy Lemure was in his early forties; he was an erotic and adult writer, quite successful and well-off, having published numerous best-selling works and screenplays. His wife had died in an auto accident six months ago, and ever since her death he had been watching his daughters and growing hard at the sight of them. His oldest daughter Connie was eighteen with long raven hair, dark eyes, and a starlet's body—indeed Jeremy thought she resembled Catherine Zeta-Jones. His other daughter Ginger was sixteen, auburn-haired and green-eyed, with a face and body that reminded him of Jessica Simpson.

Jeremy home-schooled both his daughters, and they knew about his work, for they had read his books and screenplays. He had made no secret of his work to them; they knew he was a porn writer.

Now he watched them and rubbed his cock.

He got his daughter Connie in the swimming pool. She was in her bikini in the pool, and he dived in and came up to her and grasped her around the waist. He pressed his crotch up between her legs and swept his hands down on her ass.

"Why, Daddy, what are you doing" Connie said.

He didn't say a word. He just slid her bikini top up and feasted on her breasts, licking and sucking them. He rubbed and squeezed her ass as he pressed his hard throbbing cock on her pussy.

He slid her bikini bottom off and lifted her up a little, and thrust his prick up into her cunt.

"Gonna fuck you, baby," he rasped. "Gonna fuck your pussy, honey."

He drove his dick up her cunt, jamming it deep.

"Ah yes," he huffed. "Fucking you now, baby, umm yes—fucking my daughter."

"Oh Daddy, ahh!" she gasped. "Oh ah, umm." She wrapped her arms and legs around him and thrust back at him, humping her cunt to meet his thrusts.

He pumped her pussy, screwing her fully and strongly, jabbing his cock up and down.

"Ahh—sweet fucking pussy!" he gasped. "Ah yes, fuck, daughter, fuck!"

"Oh god--ah--ooh ahh yess!" she panted and jerked and hunched. "Fuck, Daddy, fuck!" she cried.

He speared his prick up her pussy, jamming every inch of it in her, and then let her have it. He pissed a stream of sperm deep in her cunt.

"Goddamn yes!" he cried. "Ahh yes—hot fucking cum deep in your cunt, daughter."

"Oh ah—ooh Daddy!" she gasped.

"Sweet fucking pussy, I'm gonna fuck you every day."

"Ooh, Daddy, I want it—every day."

"You're gonna get it, honey," he replied.

He had her next in her bedroom. They were on their knees on the bed, facing each other. He clutched her head and pressed it down. "Suck my dick, honey. Suck it good."

He slid his cock into her mouth and began sliding it back and forth. "Yeah, that's the way, baby," he huffed. "That's the way to suck. Umm yes—you're sucking your daddy's dick now—yes—I'm fucking your mouth!" he panted and gasped.

He pumped his prick in his daughter's mouth, thrusting it down to her throat. "Ah, you sweet hot sucking cocksucker you—umm yes—fuck! Fuck! Here it comes—here it comes in your mouth—down your throat—yeah—cuming in your mouth, baby—squirting cum down your throat."

He spewed semen in her mouth; she sucked and gulped and swallowed it down.

"I'm not through with you yet," he huffed. He laid her down on her back, lifted her legs up and spread them, and went down on her pussy. He licked and lapped it, and then jammed his tongue in.

"Oh, ah, oh Daddy!" she gasped, clutching his head and thrusting her cunt up. He licked her clit, and then sucked her cunt. "Oh god—oh ahh—oh yes!" she cried out. "Oh god yes, I'm cuming!" She thrashed and hunched and jerked as her hot cum gushed up her pussy.

He flipped her over and drew her up to her knees, and got up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and thrust his cock up her cunt. He gave her a dozen good jabs, and then slid his dick out and pressed it on her rump.

"Gonna fuck your ass, honey," he rasped. "Gonna screw your sweet ass good."

He pushed and thrust his prick forward, digging it in her ass. "Ah yes—up your ass, honey, up your sweet-fucking ass."

"Oh god—oh Daddy!" she gasped as he dug his dick up her ass.

"Goddamn, you're tight," he hissed. "Tight fucking ass. Screwing it now, baby, screwing your ass now." He grabbed her tits and squeezed them good and hard as he began frigging her.

He sawed his cock back and forth, drilling it up and down. "Umm--buggerfucking you, daughter, ahh yes—screwing my daughter's ass—umm yes."

"Oh god—ahh buggerfuck!" she cried out. "Ooh yes!"

He gave a mighty heave and drove every inch of his dick up her ass. He cried out in lust as he spurted a glob of cum in her rectum.

He began fucking his daughter every day, and it was inevitable that his other daughter Ginger would see him fucking her sister. He happened to be fucking his oldest daughter one day, when he looked up and saw his daughter Ginger. She stood in the doorway watching as he fucked Connie. He continued to pump it in her pussy as he looked at his daughter standing there watching him. He had a look on his face that said: "Yeah—I'm gonna fuck you too."

It wasn't long before he did fuck her.

He heard sounds coming from his daughter's room. He went to her room and looked in.

His sixteen-year-old daughter was lying on the bed naked. She had her legs drawn back and was stroking a tit and rubbing her pussy.

His cock stiffened and ballooned out—hard and throbbing. He went to the bed and got on it and fell atop his daughter.

"Gonna fuck you now, honey," he rasped as he thrust his prick into his daughter's cunt. "Umm yes—gonna fuck your sweet pussy, baby."

His daughter wrapped her arms and legs around him and thrust her cunt up. "Ooh, ahh—fuck me, Daddy, fuck me," she panted.

He thrust his prick deep in her pussy, and began fucking her good, jamming his dick in her cunt. "Fucking you now, honey," he rasped. "Fucking your teenage cunt."

"Ohh--ahh—pump it in me, Daddy," she gasped. "Ooh yes—pump your prick in your daughter's cunt. Goddamn sonofabitch, fuck me!

He pounded her pussy, pumping his meat deep in her cunt. "Ahh yes—here it comes, honey," he hissed. "Here comes hot cum deep in your cunt."

"Ooh ahh—squirt it, Daddy, squirt cum in me—squirt it deep."

He shoved his dick deep in her pussy and squirted a gob of sperm in her cunt.
"Ah, you sweet hot fucking pussy you," he huffed. "Gonna fuck you every day--you and your sister too."

And so he did. He fucked his daughters every day. So much so that he soon got his oldest daughter pregnant. But that didn't stop him from fucking them.

His youngest daughter Ginger was particularly hot to fuck, and he plowed her both day and night.

He pumped his meat in his sixteen-year-old daughter, and she pumped back at him. "Fuck me Daddy!" she panted. "Fuck your daughter, pump your cock in your daughter's cunt."

He fucked her strong and full and fast, drilling his prick up and down her teenage pussy.

"Ooh ahh, yes, Daddy, yes!" she cried out. "Umm, ahh, knock me up, Daddy, squirt a baby in me. Like you did Connie. I want you to get me pregnant, Daddy; I want to have a baby. Ahh yeah—knock me up!"

"Yes, I'll give you a baby, honey," he huffed. "I'll knock you up, you sweet hot fucking pussy you. Here it is, honey, here's a baby for you."

He thrust his dick deep in her cunt and pissed a stream of sperm in her. "Ahh yes, here it is, honey."

Needless to say, he knocked her up.

Both his daughters had babies, and he kept fucking them. And they were all satisfied, for his daughters wanted more babies, and he was happy to oblige them. And he could afford it, there was no problem with that; he was well-off.

So he fucked both his daughters every day and every night.

Monday, March 16, 2009

MyDaughters Friend

Last update: 03/11/2009 Submitted by Cain, Teresa

MY daughter Kathy was really beautiful when she got pregnant. Her breasts almost exploded in size and her bra size was really geting bigger by the week. Her cup size was now DDD and growing. They were leaking milk all the time. Julie stayed around Kathy all the time and looked up to her as an older sister. When Kathy got pregnant she would hardly ever stay away from her. She slept over a lot and was always feeling her tummy and one night I heard giggling from them. I put on a gown and went down the hall and slipped the door open enough to see them both naked on the bed and Julie was sucking Kathy's breasts and when the milk got going she stopped and it continued to spray all over her then Kathy rolled all the way onto her back and moved her down to her tummy then to between her legs so that she was giving her instrutions of how to lick and eat her pussy. Kathy began moaning and Julie kept asking her if it felt good. "Oh yes, little sister it feels really good. I will do you after you do me. NOw put two fingers in and out like I showed you. Oh yes, yes, more." she was moaning. Her hips were moving faster and soon she had a wonderful orgasm and I was wet. Julie got on the bed next to her and said, "Now me, now me." "Okay, lay there and let me get you all hot."

Kathy began kissing her and then kissing and sucking her buds. She giggled at first but them began saying how good it felt. Soon Kathy began kissing her way now her tummy and to her little fuzzie mound and then licked her little clit. "OH, oh wow, that shocked all over me." Soon Kathy was totaly involved in licking Julie through her first orgasm, then another. They laid together and kissed a lot then Julie asked Kathy, "Who made you pregnant" "I can't tell you that, it is a secret." Kathy said. "Oh please, please tell me." she begged. "I can't, why do you wanna know for anything" Kathy asked her. "Well, I know a man puts his thing in a woman here," she said touching her pussy. "But I don't know what it is like, I wanna have one in me too, I mean, you obviously have had one in your. she said. "Oh yes, I have, and more than once. It felt great except for the first time, it hurts the first time."

I left the door and went back and attacked Steve since I had gotten so hot. In the morning, they came out in night gowns and Steve had already left for work. The gowns were very sheer and it was obvious that Julie had been playing with Kathy already, her breasts were leaking all over the front of her gown. Julie was all energy and excited and was accidentally bumping Kathy. She began chattering. "Kathy is so beautiful pregnant, isn't she" "Yes" I said. JUlie's small nipples were hard under her gown and very dark. She touched them playfully. "Do you think my breasts will get as big as Kathy's," then she looked at me, "Or yours" My nipples got hard instantly and showed through my gown also. "Do you know who got her pregnant" she said suddenly. MY face got red and I said, "Well, yes I do." "Is she gonna have to marry him" she said. "Well, no, she can't." I said. "Why not" she asked me. "Well," I stammered, "the person is already married." "Oh wow!!" she almost yelled. "Oh wow, she went out with a married guy." Kathy looked at her and said, "Well, I didn't really go out with him, we just played around together."

I looked at her and leaned over, "Julie, are you interested in seeing breasts bigger than Kathy's" I asked her. "Wow, whose" I pulled off my gown and stod in front of her and carressed my tits. "Mine of course." Kathy took off her gown and then took off Julie's gown. I leaned over and kissed Kathy deep and slow letting Julie watch us. "Are you lesbians" she said. "We are bi." I said. "And from what I saw last night you are bi also, you and Kathy kissing and making love" "I watched you." I said and Julie slipped from her chair and came to me, "can we do what Kathy and I did" "Yes dear, sit here." She sat in the chair and I slipped to my knees in front of her on the floor and moved her legs apart. She still had the scent of last night on her and my head began to spin. I began sucking her clit and licking her little pussy and soon she wet my face. "Oh that makes me so good all over" she said. "NOw you do me." I said and got in the chair and spread my legs. She began licking and kissing and I told Kathy to show her how to finger me and to slip her fist in me. Kathy began showing her and soon her fist was deep in me and pumping in and out and I soon soaked her arm, face and chest.

We spent the day in bed and then Julie looked at us, "Well, now we all have a secret." We looked at her and then she said, "I want to know Kathy's secret or I wil tell everyone." "Would you like to seduce him like a grown woman" Kathy said. "Oh yes, can I" I looked at Kathy, "well, lets give her a little lesson in seduction." We went upstairs to the bedroom and talk over the plans. after an hour we decided on a seduction. "So, are you going to tell me who it is and take me to see him" she asked, dressed in a little tank top and shorts with just a little make-up. "No, he will be home soon and we will be gone and you will be on your own." "Oh my god, it is Steve Her stepfather" "Yes dear, she wanted to have him." Kathy and I dressed and got ready to go. We left Julie in front of the TV with two glasses of wine and her excitement growing. I had the cameras set up so we covered any possible place they may play and told her we wanted to be able to watch it later all together. She told us she understood.

Later we watched the videos together. Here is what what she did. Steve came home and came into the lving room. Julie got up and walked to him with a glass of wine, "Teresa and Kathy went out. It is just you and I for a while." Steve tok the glass and sat on the couch and Julie sat very close next to him. Steve sipped his wine and finished it then she got him another glass and sat closer. "You aren't really old enough to be drinking are you" he said. "Oh sure, I am old enough to do a lot of things." she said smiling back at him. "Oh, like what" he said. "Well, I am learning to drive already." "Yeh, and..." Steve asked. "Well, I can cook and take care of house really good too." She moved closer till her face was almost next to his. "And" he said. She kissed him suddenly and he did not move but let her kiss him for a while. "That" she said. "Well, you do kiss good but that is not all that a woman does." "Wil you show me what else a woman does" she said and took off her top. "My breasts are already growing, see" she said and touched her nipples and made them perk up. "My and they are hard too." Steve said and she moved her hand to his lap, "So is something in your pants." she said massaging it slowly. Steve began to speak but she kissed him again and was half on his lap when he moved her over. "BUt sweetheart, you are not a woma." She stood and pulled off her shorts and panties and gave them to him, Spreading her legs and touched herself between them and said, "I am too, see, I have hair there and all."

She droped to her knees in front of him and undid his pants and pulled them off. His 9 inch cock sprang out and she gasped at the size, "Oh wow, this has been in Kathy" Steve looked surprised and said, "Well, yes it has." She had both hands on it moving up and down and said, "well, tonight it is my turn." She began lisking it up and down and massaging it with both her hands. He sat back and moaned. After a while it shot his load all over his stomach and her hands and she licked it from them. "Oh, it tastes as good as Kathy and Teresa." "Oh I see you have been playing already. she giggled and got on his cum covered lap, "Yes, and now with you." He picked her up and laid her on the couch and spread her legs and began eating her pussy with tripes to her nipples and mouth and after a couple orgasms she was asking him to put his thing in her. "are you sure Dear, it is very big." "Oh yes, I don't want to be a virgin, I want yu to really, ahh, I want you to fuck me." she said with an accent on the word "Fuck."

"Okay dear, lick me some and get me nice and slippery, and I will lick you some more." They did a sort of 69 and then he laid her on the couch. "A little at a time okay" he said. "Okay, oh hurry please." He put the head between the lips and moved it around making her squirm. "Oh that feels good. do more, do more." she moaned. He began moving in a little and out some. "Oh yes, it does hurt some but I wanna do it, please do it." "Okay baby' He said and began moving into her a little at a time. Suddenly she reached up and grabbed his face, "Oh, fuck me, please fuck me. I don't care if it hurts, I want your , your cock in me." "Okay, try to relax then." he whispered. She looked at him in the eyes and he began moving in and out deeper then as she seemed to relax he moved into her as far as he could go. She cried out, "oh, oh my god, oh it hurts, oh it hurts." Steve began to pull out but she grabbed him and said, No, it hurts but I like it. I feels good too. Just stay there a while." she begged. "Let's get you sitting on my lap, that way you can go in and out as much as you want to." he said. "Okay, let's. He lifted her and moved so that she stayed on him but was now facing him and sitting impaled on his cock. She sat there and they kissed and he played with her budding tits, pinching them and sucking them. She began moving up and down and each time she stayed on it deeper until all but a little was in her. He began lifting her small frame and moving her up and down and she was throwing her head back and moaning how her body was "shocked all over" and then she cried out with an orgasm. She kept riding and then Steve moaned and stiffened and began filling her pussy and as it filled her and overflowed she kept moving on him. "Oh more, more, do it again, oh please." she was beggning.

Steve was still mostly hard and she kept moving and riding as the cum flowed out of her pussy. He filled her again and then she collapsed on the couch next to him and her pussy gaped from the huge toy that had been in it. Cum flowed out and she took it on her fingers and licked them. THere was some blood but not as much as we had expected. At this point we came in the dor and to the couch, "well, looks like you two have been busy'I said and undressed and then Kathy. Julie kissed her she showed her the pussy dripping with cum. "See Kathy, see, I am a woman now." "Well, lets see what we missed" I sadi and turned on the tape. "Oh, this is going to be great!" Julie said and sat next to Kathy kissing her tits and touching her pussy. They snuggled and Steve and I sat together. The video began and before long Steve was hard again and so I sat on him and showed Julie how we fucked. The night was just beginning.

a erotic sex story

t was in the middle of the summer, a friend and I had decided to get away one weekend. We had chosen a seaside town and on a warm evening, we left the motel and walked to the bar. When Eva walked in; she had on a really tight blouse and pants. Every man in the place just looked in amazement. She was easily the sexiest woman around.
We had a drink then sat for our meal. I could tell the waitress was very pleased to be serving us; from where she was standing she could almost see her perky nipples. After a few more drinks I asked her to rearrange her top slightly, so that the waitress could get a glimpse, to my surprise she was more than willing. Eva is a remarkable lady, in the pure sense, and she is always willing to push the envelope.
When the music began, a man nearby, couldn’t take his eye’s of them, I was so turned on, and by the size of her nipples and those well-placed tattoos.
A few more drinks later, she was sitting in a low leather chair and her tanned back created a glow, next to her blonde hair. Now, from the angle, the other man slid over and asked to dance. Eva was wearing white pants and her white lacy thong was obvious. After a few dances, her eyes and well-placed hands, led me to suggest going back to our room.
Keith agreed to join us and we left. I thought, Keith has already seen her nipple’s, lets have some fun. I pulled Eva close to me and started to kiss her. I then put my hand on her leg and slowly pulled it up. She responded very passionately. As we got to our room, she turned around and said “do you want to watch”. I don’t know who was more shocked, me or him. We had never done this before, HOWEVER, our eye’s said it all (Go with the flow).
We got inside, had a very quick drink, then put on some music. Eva began to dance sexily. She came over to me and said “what would you really like me to do. Put a show on for him or for you?” I was so excited at the thought of her being fucked by someone else. That was my choice, I love seeing her turned on.
She sat Keith down then stood over him facing me. She did a little lap dance telling him to keep his hands by his side’s for now. She slowly undid his trousers and pulled them and his underwear off. He was very turned on and very large, she pulled his 8inch cock up and rested it on the front of her lacy white thong. She slid up and down the length of his cock several times and you could see her pussy just pour with excitement.
She then grabbed his huge long cock in her hand and pushed it hard against her thong, she slid back a little then arched her back and took his cock in her mouth a few times.
She did this while removing her thong. She then sat back down with his cock, pressed tight up against her pussy lips. She looked at me and said “this is for you” she slid to the top of his cock and back down to the base a few more times, to really wet her well-shaven pussy, as this was the biggest cock she had ever seen. Then in one easy movement, she pushed his swollen end into her pussy. She let out a little cry of pleasure, as it went in then out then back in again.
She was that wet that you could see it running down his cock. Then as big as it was, she slid all the way down this huge pole like cock, it was so far inside her I couldn’t believe it. I was almost coming just watching. She started slow but like’s it a bit rough, so he was in for a treat. She watched me watching her and she strolled over and laid me the bed. I want two at the same time.
She sucked like never before on my cock. Then she got up and lay down and said “I want you to watch him fuck me hard and fast”. He stood in front of her, then placed his cock back in her pussy, then fucked away like on demand; he grabbed her around the throat and pounded away at her. She loved it so much she came so fast it took her by surprise. She can have multiple orgasms (when fully aroused),so it wasn’t over yet.
I was on the bed and she got on top of me. But, not before Keith ate her drenched pussy, and truly impressed with the golden ring, hung below the hood, several times. She climbed on me and her butt and dolphin-tattoo was in the air, looking so inviting. Keith knelt behind, and spanked her bottom, with his tool. Keith positioned himself behind her and rubbed KY on both of them. He slowly pushed his cock all the way up her arse. It was so tight at first it had her squirming, but three strokes later it eased.
Now two cocks were balling Eva and within seconds she was coming again.
She rolled over and pulled her legs up. He inserted his cock in and banged away. Eva moaned loudly with delight and he came again, this time he really came big and completely filled her full of cum.
She felt it all hot and wet dripping out of her pussy. I watched intensely, as she was tingling with excitement, then let out a huge gasp, as she exploded in to another orgasm.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

husbb's horney boss

Jim Bryan sat in his boss's office and listened to his boss as he expounded the idea of expansion.

"So, you see, it’s going to work," his boss said. "We’ll start it next week. And that’s what I wanted to let you know about. The expansion will require an officer to be in charge. He’ll be promoted to a vice-presidency, and that of course will involve quite a promotion in both position and salary. So, I want to tell you that the officer will come from this department; it’ll be one of you, Thompson or Macon or you. None of you have seniority over the others—you’re all on the same level, so it will be up to me to choose one among you to be the officer."

"Well, sir, whatever choice you make will be the best one," Jim said. "I do want to be considered, but I know that you’ll make the choice that you think is the best."

"Hmmmp, yeah," his boss grunted. He leaned back in his padded leather chair and looked at Jim, studying him. "I’ll make the choice over the weekend—by Monday anyway." He laid a hand between his legs on his crotch. "You’re all about the same age, worked here about the same length of time, and you’re all married. Tell me, you’ve been married, what Three years”

"Yes, three years come next month."

"And, no kids yet, right"

"Not yet."

"Your wife, Diana—right She’s—what, twenty-five"

"She’s twenty-six, three years younger than me."

"Ah—yeah. You’re a lucky man. Your wife is quite a knock-out."

"Thank you, sir."

"Yeah, I bet you get it on every night, don’t you." He swept his hand over his crotch and rubbed it.

Jim didn’t know how to answer that, so he said, "Well, no—not every night."

His boss sprawled in the leather chair. He was in his forties, bald on top, and portly. He suddenly said: "When are you going to invite me to your home"

Jim blinked. "Well, sir, I—well, whenever."

"Make it this weekend," his boss said.

"Yes, sir, okay," Jim replied.

When Jim got home that evening and told his wife Diana that his boss would be coming to their house, she was less than enthusiastic. "It’s not the fact of entertaining your boss, and having him for dinner," she said, "although that will be a hassle. It’s the fact that he is a lecher."

"A lecher" Jim asked. "Well, I don’t know about that. All I do know is that he’s considering me for a vice-presidency, quite a promotion in both position and salary. And it’s not like I invited him over; he really invited himself. But, regardless, it’s imperative that we entertain him, and, yes, I’ll say it—impress him. It could very well mean the difference in having him choose me."

"All right, dear," she said. "I know what the stakes are. It’s just that I want you to know that Mr. Payne is a dirty old man, that’s all."

"A dirty old man" Jim chuckled. "A lecher, hunh"

"Yes," she said. "You know what happened the last time he was here; at that little gathering—last New Year’s. He made I don’t know how many passes at me; his hands were all over me—geez. And, I don’t know—the way he looks—he’s downright fat, bald, greasy—yugg—he’s a dirty old man."

"Well, I don’t know about that," he said. "All I know is he’s my boss and he’s considering me for a promotion and we need to entertain him."

"Yes, dear," she said.

And entertain him they did. That weekend, Mr. Payne came to Jim’s house, and they had dinner. Diana was aware of Mr. Payne ogling her all through the dinner. Mr. Payne himself licked his lips and swept his hand over his crotch as he eyed his employee’s wife. She was luscious, with short chestnut hair, blue eyes, curved and shapely figure, upthrust breasts, plump rounded ass, long full legs, and wearing a short tight black slipover dress. She was voluptuous. Mr. Payne’s cock jerked and swelled, getting hard. He wanted that pussy; he wanted to pump the meat to her.

As they rose from the dining table to go into the living room, Mr. Payne swept his hand over Diana’s rump, rubbing and squeezing the big soft smooth mounds. And when they were in the living room, seated on the big plush sofa and chairs, and Diana went to the kitchen to get more wine, Mr. Payne offered to go with her to help her. There he came up behind her and pressed his crotch upon her rump and slid his hands around to her front and pressed and mashed her breasts. She felt his stiff fat cock pressing against her ass, and his pudgy hands squeezing on her tits.

When Mr. Payne went to the bathroom, she spoke in a low voice to her husband: "He’s pawing at me. He’s grabbing me."

"Oh, now, honey," her husband said. "Don’t make a big deal out of it."

"Don’t make a big deal out of it! My god, he’s practically raping me."

"Oh, now, come on. Look, you know what the deal is. I mean, he’s my boss, it’s up to him if I get the officership. Come on, honey, you know what that means."

"Yes, I know," she sighed.

Every time Diana turned around it seemed there was Mr. Payne, copping a feel from her, rubbing her ass, squeezing her tits. When Jim went to the bathroom and Diana was in the kitchen, here came Mr. Payne to press his stiff fat prick on her rump and reach his hand under her dress and rub her pussy.

Later on, when Jim discovered they were out of wine, Mr. Payne said: "There’s a wine store nearby, isn’t there I want some more of this." He leered at Diana.

"I’ll go get some," Jim replied.

"Honey, do you need to" Diana said.

"I’ll be back shortly, won’t take me long," he said, and he left.

"Well, Mrs. Bryan," Mr. Payne said. "You haven’t shown me your house. Show me around—take me on a tour."

"Well—all right," she replied.

She led him down the hall.

"Here’s the den," she motioned to a room, "and right down here is the study, and there is the guest room."

She halted in the doorway to the bedroom. Mr. Payne was right behind her. "This is–uh—the bedroom."

"Yeah, I can see," Mr. Payne said. He suddenly moved up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his crotch on her butt.

"Mr. Payne, don’t," she breathed out. He didn’t waste any time answering her. He swept her around and pressed her to the wall, raking up her dress, pulling down her panties, and unzipping his pants and hauling out his prick.

"No, no," she gasped. He clutched her ass and heaved his prick up into her pussy. He thrust his meaty cock up her cunt, digging it in without halting.

She squirmed and writhed and cried out: "No! Unhh—no!" But it was too late; he was screwing his dick up and down her pussy.

"Oh god—unhh—ooh—unh—ohh" she breathed out in rising passion. He was pumping the meat to her and it was beginning to feel so good to her. His cock was fat and stiff and so meaty, and he was fucking her pussy full and deep.

She was getting turned-on. His fat prick fucking her cunt; his pudgy body itself; his bald head; the fact that his groping and rubbing and squeezing of her earlier had aroused her; and the fact that her husband didn’t seem to care what his boss did to her—all these things combined to get her hot and horny.

He thrust every inch of his fat cock up her cunt and she cried out and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and locked her legs around his hips. She began fucking him back, pumping her pussy to meet his fat dick.

He gave a mighty heave and pumped his prick deep in her cunt and spewed cum. "Ahh—umm—ohh ahh, yess!" she gasped and panted and hunched as he squirted her pussy full of cum.

By the time Jim got back with the wine, his wife and Mr. Payne were seated in the living room as if nothing had happened.

Jim got the promotion, and he was happy; his wife was happy too; but Mr. Payne was happiest of all, for he made it a point to go to Jim’s house quite often when Jim was at work. There he fucked Jim’s wife, pumping his fat prick in her luscious pussy. And she loved it.

The Sexy Coustume party

Sexy Costume Party

As Hannah walked into the party she knew it was a bad idea as all the guys in the room began to stare in amazement. She had gotten a call from her boyfriend Dj telling her to dress in an extra sexy costume for his halloween costume party. She normally would never do anything like this but she felt bad for not doing anything for his birthday the week before. She entered the party in a sexy school girl outfit the uniform shirt tied in front under her chest with the shirt opened exposing her silky black bra that perfectly held her 38D cup breast. She wore a short skirt that any bending showed off her sexy silk black panties over her plump round ass.

She walked through the party and every guy she walked past seem to start or whistle or try to make a pass at her. Dj stood in the kitchen staring out into the party until he saw Hannah wading through the group of people. He then walked out to meet her. Embarrassed Hannah walked outside onto the small room sized balcony of the 18th floor apartment. Dj followed her out closing the door and locking it behind him and shuting the curtains on the door so noone could see out the door.

"I feel like suck an idiot I knew I shouldn't have worn this I feel ridiculous." Hannah said.

" Oh but baby you look so sexy" Dj said

"I wanted to look sexy for you not for everybody to be staring at me." Hannah said

"You do look sexy and just for me too." Dj said walking up to Hannah wrapping his arms around her and kissing her on different places on her neck.

"Mmm that feels good baby but stop not now you have a party full of people."

"They won't miss me I won't be gone too long and somebody wants to see you." he said grinding his 8in dick in against her ass cheeks.

"Ugh I want to see him too, ok lets go to your room." she said in between soft moans

"No babe I can't wait" Dj said massaging her breasts over her shirt with his left hand and rubbing her pussy lips through her panties. Her moans began to come faster and louder.

Hannah reached her arm behind her and began to rub his hard dick through his pants. He rubbing faster and harder, her pussy getting wetter and wetter soaking her panties. He slid her hand into her panties and began to slide his index and middle fingers in and out of her tight soaking wet pussy while playing with her clit with his ring and pinky fingers. His other hand slid her bra up and began to play with exposed breasts pinching her rock hard nipples. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick wrapping her hand around it and stroking it up and down. The feeling got so overwhelming that his fingers began to slow as he stopped to enjoy it

"no don't stop baby mmm please dont stop" she said biting her bottom lip tryin to contain her moans .

He snapped back to reality and returned his fingers giving his attention back to her pussy. She let out one last loud moan before she rode one of the best orgasms she's ever had as it shook through her. Dj slid his fingers in her mouth and she sucked her juices off of it. Then he slid her panties down and leaned her forward and held her waist before he eased his dick into her dripping wet pussy. She couldn't help but moan as he began to slowly slide his dick in and out slowly picking up speed. Making her moan louder and louder until she came all over his dick.

"Mm stick in my ass D."

He got on his knees behind her and slid his finger in her pussy getting them wet before sliding them in her ass. He licked her pussy while sliding his fingers in and out of her ass then he ran his tongue up and replaced his fingers wit his tongue getting her ass really wet. He then ran his tongue up her back sucking on her neck again before he placed his dick at the entrance of her ass then eased it in real slow causing her to bite her bottom lip harder as half of his dick slid into her ass stopping to let her get use to it, then he continues to move it in farther until the whole length of his cock is inside of her. He slides his dick slowly in and out of her ass before moving it faster and faster making her throw her head back and moan loud. He felt like he was on the edge of exploding.

"I'm about to cum baby."

"Cum in my ass D."

He pushed his dick as deep in her ass as it would go before pumping her ass full of his hot cum. Then pulled out and Hannah turned around and got on her knees and began to suck out any trace of sperm left. She kept sucking until his cock return back to full length and hard as a brick. He then laid her down on a chair on the balcony and began to slide his tongue in and out of her pussy and sucked on her clit making her scream. He kissed his way up to her breasts and began to suck on then as he ground the length of his cock against her pussy lips then he began to pound his dick in and out of her pussy. She moaned so loud she nearly lost her voice and she was coming up onto her 4th orgasm

"I'm gonna cum" they both said in unison

"Im cumming" Hannah said as her pussy squeezed the cum out of Dj's dick making him shoot his hot cum into her waiting pussy. They lay there kissing, Dj's cock going soft in Hannah's pussy. He brushed her soft brrown hair out of her face and looking into her eyes.

"See that wasn't so bad was it."

"Mm no babe it was amazing."

"good cuz i wanna go again."

"not until the next party sweetie."